French cuisine

with a Mediterranean twist


Nicolas Pelegrinis

Nicolas has been working already for more than 10 years before he decided to travel to France. And in his own words, he thought he could cook already. The French though had some more lessons to teach him.

Becoming part of the “nouvelle cuisine” scene is a brutal task. The height of standards in this scene is simply on another level, and anything short of perfection is unacceptable. Nicolas worked several years under the veteran chef Stephan Demichelis, the chef who taught him how to treat an ingredient and bring the best out of each flavor. He then joined the experimental Michelin cuisine of Yorann Vandriessche and later on served as sous chef under Eric Fuchs, an MOF Chef (Meilleur Ouvrier de France), craftsman of the highest level in the French culinary world. Finding himself in this Mekka of gastronomic art made him realize two things. Cooking is his life-long passion and creating a dish is one of the most direct methods of communication, when done well.

It is this accumulated experience and the deep respect for the gastronomic culture that created the bistrot. Away from trends and the short-lived gastronomic tendencies of Mykonos, Nicolas sticks to the classics, creating an ever-changing menu that follows what each season has to offer. The bistrot de Nicolas is always homely and unpretentious, aiming to make the world of gastronomy approachable, understood and enjoyed by everyone.

Because in its heart that’s what it’s all about. Creating a meal that fills you with flavors and emotions, a meal that you share with your loved ones.

A delicious piece of France in the middle of Mykonos.

Frank Huppenbauer, google review